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Inner Mongolia HEFA Rare Earth Seience & Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located on the outskirts of Baotou in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which holds about 80 % of world's rare-earth resources. It is one of the largest rare earth enterprises in China with five raw-materials processing factories. At present, the corporation has the capability of producing and separating more than 12,000 tons of rare-earth chloride annually. Our products are divided into three groups, seven series and over 50 varieties. The main Rare Earth products include single rare earth oxide, rare earth chloride, rare earth carbonate, rare earth nitrate; rare earth acetate, rare earth fluoride, mixed rare earth oxide and all kinds of rare earth concentrates; single rare earth metal, rare earth mischmetal, battery level mischmetal, hydrogen storage powder; nickel-hydrogen cell and cell group.

Our newly built Rare Earth Metal Material Factory is able to produce 80 tons of individual metals and 50 tons of Mischmetal per month. The main products are: Lanthanum Metal, Cerium Metal, Praseodymium Metal, Neodymium Metal, Samarium Metal, Terbium Metal, Dysprosium Metal, Holmium Metal, Erbium Metal, Thulium Metal, Ytterbium Metal, Lutetium Metal, Scandium Metal, Germanium Metal, and others. These products are manufactured from the rare-earth oxide which is produced by HEFA Rare Earth subsidiary factories. The quality of our products is of the utmost reliability and our prices are always competitive.

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